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Government Relations and Advocacy

Attorney Lead for Practice Group

Fineman Krekstein & Harris has long acted as a client advocate with the executive and legislative branches of government.  Over the years, Firm members have served in government, and the Firm understands the executive and legislative process and how to have its clients’ needs recognized and given full and fair consideration  by those whose decisions will have a direct impact on our clients.

Representative Matters

  • Fineman Krekstein & Harris represented a Philadelphia association of neighborhood community pharmacists on a variety of issues involving the Pennsylvania Medicaid Managed Care Program. As a result of our legal and governmental advocacy, a once exclusive network of pharmacy providers has now been opened up in compliance with state law to allow our client, the neighborhood druggists on the corner, to participate in the Medicaid system.  Additionally, our advocacy on behalf of our client contributed to the Pennsylvania Department of Public Welfare decision to more closely monitor the providers running the managed care portion of Medicaid.
  • Fineman Krekstein & Harris was instrumental in having the New Jersey Legislature enact a statute that protects competition in the field of student photography.
  • Fineman Krekstein & Harris represented institutional providers to the lottery industry both in Pennsylvania and in working with federal lobbyists in conjunction with proposed federal legislation.  In both cases, attorneys for FKH were successful in obtaining long term relationships with the Pennsylvania Lottery and in helping to defeat federal legislation that would have harmed their client’s interests.
  • Fineman Krekstein & Harris represented real estate developers in obtaining favorable financing and appropriate grants for the development of multimillion dollar projects in the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  They advocated for their clients before the Philadelphia Industrial Development Corporation in obtaining for their clients favorable consideration which allowed the clients to go forward with projects that created thousands of jobs in the City of Philadelphia.
  • The Firm successfully negotiated with an urban municipality to allow an amnesty period and agreed simplified document filings to bring condominium properties (as not-for-profit entities) into compliance with complex licensing requirements.
  • Fineman Krekstein & Harris have represented private developers and quasi-public institutions in obtaining for them land and buildings from the Redevelopment Authority of the City of Philadelphia which allowed their clients to develop multimillion dollar institutions that are publicly acclaimed for their architectural excellence.