Firm Litigation Group Helps Client to Significantly Lessen Cost of Litigation

Firm Litigation Group Helps Client to Significantly Lessen Cost of Litigation

October 1, 2005

What is a business owner to do when faced with a huge judgment and seemingly little hope of decreasing the amount of that judgment?

That was the exact predicament of a major real estate client when it came to Fineman Krekstein & Harris a few years back for counsel.

The client had suffered the entry of a nearly $4 million judgment, with limited legal options. The firm was engaged to try to negotiate a settlement and then to pursue litigation against the client’s insurance and other professional providers to make recovery against those settlement funds. After negotiating a settlement at a fraction of that original judgment, the firm then brought claims against the client’s providers. These claims were subsequently resolved and resulted in recovery of slightly less than the amount of the settlement that the firm originally achieved.

After two years of intensive legal actions balanced with skilled negotiations, the client walked away from a seemingly inescapable, staggering, judgment with a payout that became a manageable cost of doing business.

Firm partners David Fineman and Lee Applebaum acted as counselors and legal advocates in providing a full range of legal services in this business dispute. The firm’s goal, as always, was to provide top-notch legal analysis and negotiating skills along with practical business acumen.

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