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What is required to incorporate my business?

In order to be incorporated, a corporation must file Articles of Incorporation (“Articles”) with the Secretary of State in the state in which it wishes to be incorporated. Among other things, the Articles contain the name of the corporation, the corporation’s purpose, and the number and class of shares the corporation is authorized to issue. In addition, all states require corporations to maintain a registered office and a registered agent in the state. The main purpose of the registered office and agent is that anyone who wishes to sue the corporation can make service of process on the corporation by serving the agent at the registered office. Also, tax notices and other official communications are sent to the registered office. The incorporators then elect the initial directors of the corporation. Once the corporation has been incorporated, bylaws (or rules governing the corporation’s internal affairs) are adopted. At the initial meeting of the corporation, the initial corporate shares are issued, officers are elected, the bylaws are approved, and a resolution authorizing the opening of bank accounts is usually passed.