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Fineman, Krekstein & Harris has two legal blogs, the Pennsylvania and New Jersey Insurance Bad Faith Case Law Blog and the Business Courts Blog. We started the Bad Faith Blog in 2006. We have posted over 1,500 bad faith case summaries, keeping on the cutting edge of the law. We regularly post new summaries, typically on a weekly basis. The blog’s home page includes an easy to use search function, as well as tens of searchable categories for locating case summaries on specific bad faith topics. The vast majority of our summaries include links to the judges’ full opinions. The Bad Faith Blog can be found here.

We started the Business Courts Blog in December 2018. This blog has two focuses: (1) Philadelphia’s Commerce Court, and (2) national developments in US business courts. We post on Commerce Court developments and news, as well as providing summaries of significant Commerce Court opinions. To our knowledge, there is no other website including a Commerce Court focus.

We also recognize the Commerce Court is part of a nearly three-decade old business court movement in the United States, with half the states now having some form of business court program within their borders. There is considerable interest in how these specialized court programs are structured, and how they manage and decide business and commercial disputes. Our national, and sometimes international, posts include recent developments, as well as potential future developments. We have also designed the Business Courts Blog to serve as a library of historical information and resources, and occasionally provide longer posts comparing business courts, and pointing out patterns or differences as they have played out over time. This combination of past, present, and future provides a unique resource. The Business Courts Blog can be found here.