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S. David Fineman

Representative Matters

  • Only six weeks before trial, David Fineman was called upon to serve as lead defense counsel in the Jessica Savitch case, involving tens of millions of dollars in claims over the tragic death of the national news anchor. He immediately grasped what was needed to get the defense on the right course, directed extensive investigations, and prior to trial was at the cutting edge in testing the case with mock jury trials. Using that information, among other things, the defense was able to settle the case at the courthouse door for a number far below what would have been possible just two months earlier.  After this success, he lectured legal groups, insurance organizations and others on the use of mock jury trials and jury selection techniques.
  • Represented the Philadelphia Parking Authority in a series of disputes brought by various parking garage operators, successfully establishing case law that the Authority was a local agency subject to governmental immunity. In the case itself, the Authority was successfully defended through that immunity defense.
  • Represented property owners and a civic association in a complex zoning dispute that was litigated over a four year period. The dispute involved interpretations of the Philadelphia Zoning Code concerning special medicalized uses of foster homes, the Americans With Disabilities Act, the Fair Housing Act and the United States Constitution.  Our clients’ position prevailed.
  • Represented the Independent Regulatory Review Commission in a constitutional challenge to its existence. While winning on procedural grounds, the constitutionality of the Commission’s existence remains in tact.
  • In addition to the foregoing examples, David Fineman has represented a wide range of public authorities and has advised and represented public officials, both for litigation and administrative purposes.