June J. Essis

Representative Matters

  • Represented a limousine bus company and its driver in a case in which the driver stopped suddenly on the highway injuring the occupants in the limousine. The plaintiff, a 30-year old woman, claimed to have suffered extensive brain damage and demanded in excess of $3 million. A thorough investigation into the plaintiff’s medical history and testimony from medical experts resulted in the case settling in the low six figures.
  • Represented a truck driver who proceeded to back up his truck on a major roadway after missing a turn. It was nighttime and the driver of an oncoming car slammed into the truck. The driver of the car suffered brain damage and other physical injuries as a result of the accident. Through the use of expert testimony and negotiations, the case settled for 15% of the initial demand.
  • Represented a recruiting firm involved in the hiring and termination of a candidate at a college. The plaintiff was hired and ultimately discharged following allegations of misconduct. The plaintiff sued the college and the recruiting firm for breach of contract and conspiracy to terminate his employment. The matter settled in the recruiting firm’s favor.