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Andrew A. Chirls

Representative Matters

  • Appointed by Hon. Cynthia Rufe, United States District Court for Eastern District of Pennsylvania, as Special Discovery Master in multi-district Zoloft Products Liability Litigation.
  • Management of $140 million common benefit fund in national multi-district products liability litigation arising from ingestion of Avandia, following court appointment, and following service as assistant special discovery master.
  • Served as counsel to AHP Settlement Trust in connection with claims resolution and processing in $4 billion dollar class action settlement of Diet Drug (Fen Phen) Products Liability Litigation.
  • Negotiation of termination payout for 38 physician limited partners in a medical equipment investment, at 7 times the termination payout originally proffered by the management of the partnership.
  • Establishment of title in and right to sell vintage 20th-Century photography work prints gifted to client by internationally renowned artist despite claim by artist’s estate that client had wrongful possession and gift was invalid.
  • Representation of parties in litigation over purchases and sales of businesses, both publicly traded and privately owned.
  • Law firm partnership breakup—resolution of disputes over rights to fees and reimbursements for costs in contingency cases for which firm was responsible.
  • Eminent domain: disputes over valuation and right to take real property for public works projects and energy developments, including natural gas facility in Northeast Pennsylvania and including highways and bridges.
  • Negotiation of purchase of multi-unit apartment building.
  • Negotiation of severance agreements, include amelioration of restrictive covenants and maintenance of bonus rights, upon severance of employment.
  • Arguments in 15 cases in the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit, twice in Pennsylvania Supreme Court and additional arguments in intermediate Pennsylvania appellate courts
  • Representation of expert witness in sanctions case.
  • Reports and testimony as expert witness on conduct of business litigation
  • Representation of clergy and religious organizations in disputes over ownership of religious property and right to use religious names and designations
  • Represented plaintiff in the first AIDS and HIV discrimination case ever presented to a jury in Pennsylvania