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Commitment to Diversity

At Fineman Krekstein & Harris, P.C., we recognize the importance of diversity for the long-term success of our Firm.

We are committed to creating an inclusive, open, and respectful culture comprised of individuals from diverse backgrounds-each of whom are given a platform for success. We recognize that “diversity” encompasses a wide range of individual characteristics and experiences, including gender, age, race, sexual orientation, national origin, religion, political affiliation, marital status, disability, geographic background, and family relationships. The Firm’s goal is to create a work environment where the unique attributes, perspectives, backgrounds, skills, and abilities of each individual are valued.

Diversity among our attorneys and staff is beneficial to the Firm’s morale, productivity, and success. We believe diversity fosters a positive and creative environment that attracts talented individuals, encourages our attorneys and staff to maximize their potential, and enhances our ability to respond quickly with innovative solutions to the rapidly changing needs of our clients.

We are committed to all issues affecting diversity, including, without limitation, recruiting and hiring attorneys and staff from all walks of life. We work to ensure that all have an equal opportunity to prosper at the Firm, by creating a work environment that values the perspectives and varied experience that are found only in a diverse workplace, and capitalizing on that diversity so that we may provide our clients with a broader, richer environment, which produces more creative thinking and solutions

We are proud to have assembled a staff of lawyers with diverse and accomplished backgrounds.